What is the Denominational Ministry Fund (DMF)?

The ARPC DMF is an essential voluntary annual stewardship fund established by General Synod. Combined yearly gifts from local churches multiply Denominational impact around the world by interconnecting the work of ARPC ministries. In 2018, $2.6 million was given to the DMF and allocated among agencies and committees to advance the work of the denomination. DMF funds are strategic funds leveraged to do far more together for the Gospel and the Denominational than we possibly could as individual churches. When you give to the DMF, the impact is powerful.

For example:
  • Dunlap Foundation: 300,000 kids are at risk for trafficking, 1 in 28 kids have an incarcerated parent = Huge need and opportunity and you’re changing it!
  • ONA :  93 Churches by  2030; More active church plants and mission works than in ARP history!
  • World Witness and PAK7:  Reaching Pakistan through satellite media
  • Pakistan Hospital has been recently given full Pakistani State accreditation to the Christian nursing program  – same status as any college/school in Pakistan,
  • Camp Joy: Opening yet another amazing camp in Virginia to uniquely minister to special needs adults

The goal for Denominational Ministry Fund is 20% of the last published General Fund receipts. If the church is below the 20% level the goal is to increase the percentage at the rate of 1 percentage point each year until the 20% level is reached. Recognizing that certain churches will be unable to reach that goal, all churches are expected to support the Denominational Ministry Fund at a minimum level of 10% of such receipts. Presbyteries are expected to counsel with churches which are below the 10% minimum and report their findings at their next stated meeting. (Minutes of Synod 1998, page 94.)

Click here to give to the DMF.