The Quarterly

The Quarterly is a reformed curriculum produced by The General Synod of The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The lessons have been created and edited by Dr. Iain Duguid. Dr. Duguid is an ordained minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and currently serves as professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary.

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2022 Fall Quarterly – Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Lesson 1: Entering the Land
Lesson 2: The Battle of Jericho
Lesson 3: Achan’s Sin and its Consequences
Lesson 4: Dividing the Land
Lesson 5: Renewing the Covenant
Lesson 6: Othniel
Lesson 7: Barak
Lesson 8: Gideon
Lesson 9: Jephthah
Lesson 10: Samson
Lesson 11: Micah, The Levite and the Danites
Lesson 12: The Lord Begins to Fill Naomi and Ruth’s Emptiness
Lesson 13: A Husband for Ruth, a Redeemer for Israel