Expense Voucher


Click here for the Word version of the expense report.

Click here for the PDF version of the expense report.

Nomination Form

Each recommendation must include the individual’s name and contact information, position for which he or she is being recommended, and complete information regarding the individual’s Christian commitment, qualifications, and willingness to serve if nominated. Please adequately introduce your nominee to our Committee so that we might understand the person’s qualifications for service and the expected contributions he or she might make to the board or committee. Feel free to add an additional page in order to provide sufficient information when necessary.

Board and Committee Needs Analysis:

Recommendation/Affirmation Form

Manual of Authorities and Duties for Officers & Agencies


Annual Statistical Forms

For Churches

Central Services has several options for ways to prepare and submit your Annual Statistical Reports for the year 2023.  The computer program that will be used is called Access ACS.   Following are instructions on how to use Access ACS to prepare and submit your Reports.

  1. Please have a copy of your 2022 Annual Statistical Reports available to help guide you in preparing your 2023 Annual Statistical Reports.   Also, print out a copy of the Statistical Reports sent to you in the .pdf format file to help you fill out the Report in the Access ACS program.
  2. Click on this link to access the Access ACS program.

  1. Register with the Access ACS program by entering your E-Mail address in the box under Sign Up and then click on the blue Continue button
  2. Indicate who is registering and enter the first and last name. Click on
  3. On the next page click on Next.
  4. Enter the requested information and follow the prompts to complete the Form and to submit it. If you have problems please call 864-232-8441 or E-Mail
  5. Once completed, you can find your information by going to the link in your email. Sign in with the email you used and enter a password or confirmation number to continue. You can print the pages for your records.

Or, you may download the forms in PDF format to print, complete and return by mail or email.

Synod’s agencies rely on an accurate denominational ministry fund allocation determined by pledges. Please do not leave any empty blanks on these forms. Thank you in advance for the effort you will expend on these reports.

Statistical information is due February 1st or before!

Annual Statistical/Informational Reports

Statistical Report Instructions and Glossary

For Presbyteries


Contact Susan Tanner, with questions.

Synod Report Template

Click here to download the Synod Report Template.

Benefits Calculation Worksheet for Budget Planning

Budget Planning

New Hires

Click here to download the New Hire & Change Data Collection Form.  This form is to be completed for all new employees, whether full-time or part-time, and returned to  This form can also be used to report terminations, and changes in employee status, employee address, phone number and email.



Central Services provides background checks for new hires and volunteers. Our services help ensure the safety and security of your community. Contact us for more information on our screening program and pricing. Please email Shay O’Sheal ( and Bonnie Phillips ( You will need the full name and email address of the new hire/volunteer.




Church Profile Form


Click here for the Church Profile Form.