This email is for your information so that you can access the 2022 Bonclarken Music Conference Information, Registration Materials and anything you’d like to know about the conference for this summer.  (The booklet is attached also and we suggest for you to print a copy for yourself if you need one because we will NOT be mailing a copy of this booklet this year so that we can further be better stewards of our budgeted items.

Please make sure that this information gets directly into the hands of the Contact Person for your church who handles the Bonclarken Music Conference Registrations if that is not you.  We are looking forward to the conference this summer.

Please make sure to read EVERYTHING in this email and access the Registration Booklet to read and learn about the conference this summer. 

Registration Information

  • The registration booklet will NOT be physically mailed to you.  It will be online and you will be given the link to the booklet later in this letter.
  • The registration PROCESS will also be done strictly ONLINE with Bonclarken.  You will be provided a link for the Registration process later in this email.  If you are requesting Bonclarken Housing, you will register for that as well.  If you are staying in a church house or private housing, you will opt out of housing request.
  • When you register ONLINE, you will either use your church credit card or your church check routing number to pay your deposit.
  • When you register for the Conference, IF you need Bonclarken Housing, you will choose your housing online at the same site.
  • All payments for your Conference Registration Deposit and your Housing Deposit will be paid ONLINE.
  • If you have questions about the Conference itself, you may contact, Trip McGill (, Lynn Grimsley ( or Norma Jean Huffstetler (
  • If you have questions about the process of registration for the conference or housing with the online process, please contact Lynn Rogers at Bonclarken ( or 828.692.2223 ext. 707
  • Churches will be provided with a Bulletin Insert to be used to distribute information about our new process.
  • Churches should plan to register as a GROUP – with ONLY the Contact person registering the entire church group at one time.  (The contact person will need to know Conferee Name, Appropriate Choir, Voice Part and the housing you wish to request.)  ONLY ONE PERSON PER CHURCH should register a Group.
  • IF you are an INDIVIDUAL – (only one person registering as a single person coming to the conference, you will register yourself using the same system)
  • All Forms –  Bonclarken Covid Release Form/Conference Medical Form/Bonclarken Activity Release Forms/Media Release Form will all be part of the ONLINE process.  If you are with a group or are a Contact Person for the Group, you will be given a link/code to send to your group members and they will enter all information requested for all forms.  If you are an INDIVIDUAL – you will also be given a code to complete your forms.

Conference Booklet 

Conference Registration and Housing Request (this link will go live on April 1, 2022)

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to a fantastic conference this summer.

In His Service,
Trip McGill